Environmental and Sustainability Policy

At iKlean-Group Ltd, we take the spotlight as an event cleaning company with a deepcommitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. We believe indoing business responsibly, and we've jazzed up our Environmental & SustainabilityPolicy to reflect our dedication while keeping it professional yet fun.

Our Pledge:

We recognize our role in environmental protection and are committed tothe groove of sustainability development. Our aim is to dance to the rhythm ofsustainability by taking all reasonable steps to deliver environmentally friendlyproducts and services to our clients.

Responsibility Riffs:

We acknowledge the impacts of our activities on the environment and strive to hit the right notes by adopting sound principles and best practices. Environmental regulations, laws, and codes of practice set the baseline, butwe aim to surpass them with our eco-friendly melody.

Objectives Playlist:

Encourage eco-chic operations: We want our suppliers and clients to join us on the green carpet, conducting operations in an environmentally efficient manner.
Recycling Jam: Let's jam with recycling! We're all about recycling metals, paper, plastics, and electrical equipment, encouraging suppliers to join the recycling concert.
Diversity Dance: Our workforce dance floor embraces diversity and equality through recruitment and retention, creating a harmonious environment.
New Beats for Carbon Footprint: We're not afraid of change. We encourage new working systems, methods, and equipment to keep improving our carbon footprint.
Global Groove: Protecting the environment is our global anthem. We aim to minimize the impact of our activities on local, regional, and global environments.
Inclusive Environmental Rhythm: Our environmental management policies and practices are integrated into every level and every department of the company.
Safety Groove: Providing safe, healthy working conditions is our baseline. Safety first!

Achievement Moves:

Waste Minimization Concert: We aim to minimize waste,especially hazardous waste, and rock the recycling stage with responsible disposal methods.
Eco-Friendly Cleaning Anthem: We reduce water use and dance with environmentallyfriendly cleaning products when suitable.
Recycled Material Harmony: We choose recycled and recyclable materials wheneverpossible, opting for products and suppliers with minimal negative environmentalimpacts.
Fuel-Efficient Beats: Our route planning dance is not just for show – it's a strategy toreduce fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions.
Risk Assessment Groove: We carry out risk assessments, identifying environmentalrisks and facing them head-on.
Energy-Efficient Moves: We're on the hunt for energy-efficient appliances andequipment, ensuring our moves are eco-friendly.
Chemical Conscious Jam: We assess the environmental impact of the chemicals weuse, choosing wisely through COSHH and environmental assessments.
Guidelines and Training Ensemble: Our policies come to life through guidelines andtraining sessions, ensuring everyone knows the steps.
Environmental Awareness Encore: We're spreading the word! Increasingenvironmental responsibility awareness among our staff is our encore.
New Initiative Eco-Symphony: Every major initiative gets a green check. We assessthe environmental costs and benefits before stepping into a new rhythm.

Josh Tutty – Managing Director

Josh Tutty, our Managing Director, ensures that iKlean-Group Ltd is not just a business but a force for positive change. Join us on this journey, where professionalism meets a commitment to creating a world where everyone can shine.