Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement

Welcome to the iKlean Group LTD, where safety meets a touch of sparkle! We're not just about cleaning; we're about ensuring that every aspect of our work is a dance through a secure and healthy environment. Here's our professional yet fun take on our Occupational Health & Safety Policy.

Setting the Stage:

At iKlean Group LTD, our mission is clear – to keep everyone grooving in a safe and healthy workplace. Whether it's on our premises or out in the field, we're committed to managing activities in a way that doesn't just meet but exceeds health and safety expectations.

General Policy Statement:

In the pursuit of this mission and to stay in the good books of health and safety legislation (we read them diligently!), iKlean Group LTD is all about:

• Healthy Working Vibes: Creating an atmosphere that not only works but thrives on health and well-being.
• Safe Work Spaces with Style: Designing workspaces that are not just safe but stylish, because why not?
• Knowledge is Power: Empowering our team with the right information, instruction, training, and supervision to dance through our Health and Safety Policy effortlessly.
• Equipment that Wows: Rocking the scene with safe plant, equipment, and systems of work that are nothing short of spectacular.
• Handling Hazards with Finesse: Unveiling arrangements for the safe use, handling, storage, and transport of articles, materials, and substances like a pro.
• Management Procedures that Shine: Implementing management procedures and consultative arrangements that ensure we're always in sync with our Health and Safety Policy.
• Risk Assessment in the Limelight: Assessing and controlling risks associated with our activities, making sure they take a backseat in our performance.
• Procurement Prowess: Having procurement policies that are as picky as we are, ensuring only the most competent contractors and suppliers join our star-studded cast.

Backstage Strategies:

To make sure our performance is top-notch, we don't just rely on our moves. We:

• Consult the Maestros: Seek advice from external sources because knowledge is key to our safety symphony.
• Collaborate with the Experts: Knock on the doors of relevant authorities and make sure we're always in tune with the latest health and safety beats.
• Assemble the Dream Team: Appoint competent personnel who are not just advisers but the unsung heroes of health and safety matters.

In essence, at iKlean Group LTD, we're not just cleaning up; we're creating a safety spectacle that's both professional and fun!

Let's keep it clean, safe, and fabulous!

Chris Hessey – Chief Safety Choreographer (a.k.a Operations Director)